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1234 N. Lee
Metropolis, MN
This is your home page and the first information your visitors will see.  This page should tell what you do and why viewers should become your customer.  Every page on your website may resemble a sales pitch.  In your text you want to use lots of words that potential customers may use in a Google search in which would lead them to you.  Google sees the words in your text and uses them to place you in the list of results.  You may have as much content as you like, but remember that attention spans are short and people tend to be unwilling to scroll, so it is a good idea to keep your content short enough to be viewed without the need to scroll.

The pictures in this banner change every time you load the page.  You will want to select several interchangeable pictures that the computer will choose at random. Another thing to keep in mind is copyright.  You should try to stick to original art or photos that you have taken or altered yourself.  Your photos will be cut down to size.  If you want to be sure that details are not lost on the edges of your pictures, you may size your pictures before you submit them.  They will need to be 230 px tall by 350 px wide.